Who we are & What we do

Custom Software Developments is a small business created to help frustrated people obtain simple solutions when it comes to software on PC & Android. We are based out of Cairns, QLD and currently supply the local area with a number of simple programming solutions the big guns can't be bothered to create, at cost effective prices.


Android - Menu board


Our Digital Menu Board software is designed to work on the Android 4+ OS. This software has been designed to customers preferences to simplify the whole Menu Board operation and Design. Key Features include: Timed Menu changes, Timed Price Level Changes, Screen Copy & Paste, Unlimited Background options, Scrolling Product Images just to name a few. Visit the Menu Board page to learn more.

Android - Number Display


Much like our Menu Board software, our Number Display software is designed to work on the Android 4+ OS. This software has been designed to make it easy for staff members to display order numbers, that are ready, to customers awaiting the order. Key Features include: First 10 Ready numbers listed down the side, Background Colour, Text Colour (Custom colour requests are welcome). Visit the Number Display page to learn more.

Windows PC - Scan Monitor

The Scan Monitor program is designed to do just that, Monitor your incoming scanned files. It's a very simple program that monitors your scan folder, notifies you when a new scan is inside, and allows you to rename and sort them into a new or existing file structure, quickly and easily. Very useful for those of us who scan lots of documents and need to file them away quickly.

Projects Currently Underway

All the above project's... (they will never stop growing)

Something for all you Uniwell Dealers out there (it's a secret, and very cheap)

Sorry, we are not allowed to talk about this just yet, but you will hopefully enjoy it.


Please don't hesitate to talk to us about any solutions you require or special requirements you have via the Request Form or Contact Page.